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Circus Artist and Streetperformer

Disco Balance

Show in creation


It's time to move your body,

it's time to move your soul,

it's time for the DISCO BALANCE SHOW! 


Two crazy timetravellers came all the way from the 80's to save the world with their crazy dance moves and a lot of disco music.


DISCO BALANCE SHOW is a super fresh creation which mixes strong and visual acroduo, perch and so many rythm.


DISCO BALANCE SHOW is a show to enjoy with your family and friends.

Technical requests

-Duration: 30 minutes

-Space: 7m x 7m

-Hight: minimal 7m

-220V plug

-Backstage with water

-Parking for camper

-Assemble: 15 minutes

-Dissasemble: 30 minutes

-We have our own soundsystem if necessary

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